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Aluminium composite panel (ACP) – The Alumni of the aluminium cult for strength, durability and aesthetical elegance.

A very exclusive and most diversified range of aluminium composite panel manufactured using the latest state – of – the – art German technology. Aluminium composite  panels is available in a wide variety viz. Platinum, Penal, Ruby, Gold, Silver, Flexi blend, Kohinoor, Diamond & Crystal. The Aluminium composite panel are available in attractive & unique colours they lend aesthetic appeal to the interiors and exteriors of buildings, besides giving them a longer life what’s more they are 100% maintenance free and corrosion resistant.

How to fabricate ?

Processing Methods
Ordinary Aluminium processing & woodworking machines and tools can be used for fabrication of the panel.

Saw Cutting
Aluminium composite  panels can be cut with running and panel saw for woodworking. It is recommended to use carbide tip blade designed for Aluminium & Plastic.

Shear cutting also can be used for sizing a large quantity of Aluminium composite  panels. Some shear droop may be observed at the cut edge.

Aluminium composite Panels can be easily grooved on conventional grooving machines and CNC machining centers. To avoid pressure marks on the Aluminium composite  Surface, please use plastic or wood vice jaws when chucking the work pieces.

The work pieces.
High-speed steel or carbide tipped cutters suitable for aluminium and Aluminium composite  have a side tooth pitch, radiused and smooth grooves and small lip angles.

Grooved Aluminium composite  panels can be bent with jig, press brake or plate punch.
Bending with Press Brake
While bending the Aluminium composite  panels with press brake, use a top die having the desired radius.

Bending with 3-Rollor Bender
3 – Rollor bender is preferred for larger bending radius.

Fastening: Riveting & Bolting
Aluminium blind rivet & stainless steel bolt / nuts are recommended to fasten Aluminium composite  panels. (e>2D)

Aluminium composite  panels edges con be joined by welding the core with the help of hot jet gun.


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