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From specialty products offering superior weatherability, Self-cleaning, properties or anti-drip properties, to grades providing enhanced impact resistance, heat management or graffiti resistance, the versatile range of Lexan* polycarbonate sheets materials may deliver glazing with imagination.

Lexan* 9030/9034 solid sheet
Lexan 9030 sheet is the standard grade of Lexan polycarbonate sheet offering excellent clarity, high impact resistance, and formability. Lexan 9030FR sheet has been specifically developed to meet the flammability requirements of the European building and construction market.

Lexan Exell D solid sheet
Lexan Exell D sheet with UV-resistant surface on both sides, offers a 10­ year limited written warranty against breakage, yellowing, and loss of light transmission. An excellent candidate for overhead and vertical glazing, can also be vacuum formable for dome skylights applications. FR grade offers excellent flame retardancy properties.

Lexan Solar Control IR sheet
Available in solid and multiwall, transparent Lexan Solar Control sheet helps to block near infrared heat but lets in high levels of light, helping save energy costs for cooling and lighting buildings. Because the proprietary resin technology is inherent, solar control properties are permanent. Also the
product is UV protected on both sides, may help installers to reduce losses due to installation errors. Furthermore, it is backed by a 10- year limited written warranty against reduction of light or solar transmission properties, yellowing, and breakage due to hail impact. Lexan Solar Control lR sheet can be cold-formed and therefore it is an excellent candidate for a broad range of glazing applications including roof domes, skylights and walkways.

Lexan Margard Sheet
In addition to the inherent characteristics of a polycarbonate material, Lexan* Margard sheet has a proprietary hard surface coating, on one or two sides, which provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and weathering. Lexan Margard sheet can be an excellent candidate for safety and security glazing to suit a wide range of applications. Available clear or bronze tinted, it can be used for both flat and curved glazing.

Five years limited written warranty against loss of light transmission and coating failure - and by a ten years limited written warranty against breakage. See warranty for exact details.

Security Glazing
Lexan Margard sheet will resist a burglar from forcing an entry. It will delay him to a point where he simply gives up the attempt, or is detected. Either way, the premises and property are protected and re-glazing costs are eliminated.

Premises safety glazing
Lexan Margard sheet will not shatter or splinter, so greatly reduces the risk of occidental injury in applications like internal partitions and doors.

Safety screens and acoustic screens
Lexan Margard sheet is an outstanding material of choice for safety screening in sports stadium and other outdoor applications like acoustic screens for deflection of traffic noise in built-up areas.

Lexan Soundglaze SC sheet
This extremely tough, UV-protected material provides excellent sound insulation properties for a range of demanding urban, road, rail and airport noise reduction barriers. Due to its proprietary hard coating, Lexan* Soundglaze SC sheet can provide exceptional abrasion resistance and resistance to substances such as oils, paints and aggressive cleaning products, which enables it to resist graffiti and allow repeated cleaning. This material is backed by a ten-year limited warranty against breakage and a five-year limited warranty against yellowing and loss of light transmission.

Transparent armor laminates
Armorgard*, Suregard* and Lexgard* laminates have the potential to provide formidable defense against major threats. GE's range of transparent armor products possess exceptional heat and impact resistance along with significant energy absorption, lightweight durability and anti-spoiling qualities. Products are thoroughly tested for widely recognized standards such as ASTM, UL, HP White and NIJ. As an example, internationally, GE's ballistic solutions can withstand gunfire from 7.62mm NATO high-power rifles. These versatile laminates provide extremely high impact resistance and absorb total impact energy without spoiling. Suitable for flat applications only, Lexgard MPC-375 and MPC-500 bullet resistant sheet grades have been developed specifically for protection against manual attack. In addition, their multi-ply construction offers superior anti-bandit properties.

Tailor-made glazing performance
Double-sided UV Protection- Lexan* Thermoclear* Plus Sheet
UV-protected on both surfaces, Lexan Thermoclear Plus sheet offers wide design flexibility as well as important advantages in both cutting and installation. Unlike with competitive products,installation mistakes are minimized as either sheet surface may be faced outwards.

Superior Weatherability Lexan Thermoclear SunXP Sheet
In addition to the inherent properties of the Lexan* Thermoclear range, this range of products offers UV protection on both sides, but with even higher resistance to UV radiation, yellowing and loss of light transmission. This exceptional material is awarded a unique 15 years limited written warranty with an excellent yellowing resistance and light transmission performance

Self-Cleaning Lexan Thermoclear Easy Clean Sheet
This is the world's first self-cleaning polycarbonate sheet. UV protected on both sides, Lexan Thermoclear Easy Clean sheet features a unique hydrophobic coating on the outside surface that reduces the surface tension of polycarbonate and increases the contact angle of water to the sheet. This causes larger droplets to form and wash away dirt, leaving the sheet almost spotless. Furthermore, it stays clean for longer, therebld reducing the frequency and the associated cost of cleaning.


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