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Anti-Drip Lexan Thermoclear Dripgard Sheet
Lexan Thermoclear Dripgard sheet is an excellent candidate for roof glazing application in which water droplets are unacceptable, such as commercial greenhouses where they could cause crop spoilage. This innovative product has UV protection on the outer surface and a specially developed hydrophilic coating on the inner surface. This coating reduces the formation of condensation droplets by increasing the surface tension of the sheet and decreasing the contact angle. As a consequence, a thin mist of water will form on the inner surface of the sheet, which will not drip and will not affect the excellent light transmission of the material

Heat Management Lexan Solar Control IR Multiwall Sheet
With Lexan Solar Control lR multiwall sheet. proprietary resin additives are used to manage heat instead of expensive and fragile coatings, which can be damaged during handling and installation. This innovative solar control­glazing product significantly reduces solar transmission while simultaneously offering high levels of light transmission. helping save energy costs for cooling and lighting buildings. Furthermore, its superior UV resistance and toughness is backed by a 10-year limited written warranty against reduction of light or solar transmission properties, yellowing, and breakage due to hail impact

Lexan Thermoclear multiwall sheet
A well-established brand name for over 20 years, Lexan* Thermoclear sheet is widely specified by architects and designers around the world. This unique sheet portfolio is amongst the most extensive on the market today, offering hundreds of possible combinations of structure, color, coating and finish.

  • Outstanding balance of low weight and high stiffness
  • Ease of installation - it can be easily cut on site using conventional tools and
    can be cold-formed into tight radii without pre-forming.
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance
  • Good flame resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Long-term high light transmission.
  • Broad portfolio - a range of structures, coatings, colors, dimensions and gauges

Lexan Thermoclear Venetian Sheets
Lexan Thermoclear Venetian sheets are UV-protected on the outer surface and screen-printed with white stripes on the inner surface. Although the screen-printed white stripes are mainly intended for decorative purposes, they also provide a shadow effect. This helps to reduce heat build-up from solar radiation, resulting in an improved comfort level inside the building

Lexan Thermoclear Sheet Metallic Look
The addition of fine metallic pigment into the multiwall sheet provides both a completely new look and acts as a heat blocker by reflecting heat. It also cuts down the brightness of the sun to a pleasant level. This material maintains the standard level of mechanical properties

Lexan Thermoclear Sheet Hammered Glass Look
In this unique material, the addition of glass fibers into the sheet provides an original "hammered glass" effect. In addition to the innovative look, it provides UV protection on both sides, high light transmission and good insulation properties. Typical applications include interior partition walls, swimming pool enclosures and bathroom glazing.


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