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GE Advanced Materials Specialty fiim and Sheet helps to provide value-added solutions across a wide variety of industries, ranging form electronics and electrical to transportation, building and construction. These solutions are founded on a portfolio of leading edge materials backed by advanced technical support around the world.

Lexan Sheet helps to meet tough challenges facing Architects and Builders

Glazing has become an increasingly important element in building design from a number of standpoints and requirements : aesthetics, weight reduction, energy conservation, safety and security, and enviromental quality. Architects and contractors have a number of material choices, including traditional glass and an array of polymers, each with different properties and attributes.

Virtually unbreakable, high optical quality Lexan Polycarbonate (PC) sheet materials form GE Advanced Materials are often a top choice due to the versatile glazing solutions that they may help provide.

  • Enabling Creative Design
  • Attractive and Comfortable Environment
  • Maintaining Appearance and Performance Over the Life of the Building
    To avoid the high maintenance of replacement costs for glazing , many architects and builders select Lexan sheets for its resistance of yellowing,graffiti, scratehing , and breakable.
  • Helping to Protect People and Property
    Terrorism, crime, and natural disasters such as hurricanes have led to increased demand for glazing solutions that can help protect people, property, and critical infrastructure. The use of glass can be problematic due to breakage that can cause injury and require re-glazing.
    GE Advanced Materials' line of Armorgard*, Suregard* and Lexgard* transparent armor laminates have been engineered to help defend buildings - and their occupants - against ballistics impact, forced entry, and bomb blast.
  • Keeping Costs of line
    Lexan* sheet glazing materials can help to deliver measurable return on investment through ease of installation; lower insurance costs through resistance to break-ins, weather damage, and vandalism; lower utility costs from better heat management; and less need for replacement due to weathering and breakage. Most of these products are covered by a minimum 10 year limited written warranty against excessive yellowing, loss of light transmission, and loss of strength due to weathering.
  • Helping with Special Requirements
    The vast technical resources of GE Advanced Materials make it easy for architects and builders to obtain the support, customized products, and design assistance needed to help complete projects on time and meet


  • Building cladding and facades
  • Residential glazing and conservatories
  • Architectural interiors
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Long Lasting Experience
  • Stadium roof glazing and arena applications
  • Transporation infrastructure
  • Sound walls
  • Industrial glazing
  • Greenhouses
  • Security glazing

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